Our Process

Our process begins by weighing and sorting all electronic devices received. All items with sensitive data are flagged for Secure Data Destruction. Working devices then go to our Reuse Department and non-working devices go to our Materials Recovery Department. 


We believe that the highest form of recycling is reuse. Many of the items that we receive still have useful life left in them. When permitted by our customers, we repair and refurbish those devices to rigorous R2 standards of functionality, then put them back out into the market.

The sale of pre-owned electronics keeps electronics out of our landfills, decreases consumption of natural resources, and supplies low cost devices that can help bridge the digital divide. We call that a WIN-WIN-WIN. Reuse also creates more and higher skilled jobs than materials recovery does. That's another WIN.


Electronics that have no useful life left in them are recycled responsibly in accordance with our industry-leading R2 certification. We partner with specialized and certified material recovery facilities to ensure that the valuable natural resources contained in electronics are reprocessed into new goods. This reduces the need to mine new resources.

Electronics are also unfortunately responsible for a large percentage of toxins in our landfills. To protect our soil, water, and air, we have an Environmental, Health and Safety Policy and robust EH&S Management System. 


As an R2 certified company, we have undergone extensive third party auditing to ensure that our processes are safe for our workers and responsible towards the environment.